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Get your “FREE” mini course on “The Forgotten Fundamentals of Operations Management”

"This" course focuses on your business's "internal" operations. Check out my other course on Supply Chain Management.

Price: $197.75

This course is for the new or aspiring supply chain & operations manager, the ambitious procurement professionals...

Price: $149.95

This course is for the new or aspiring operations manager, the ambitious procurement professionals, the striving logistics supervisors...

Price: $149.95

This practical, beginners course prepares you with the fundamentals of Logistics Management & International Trade

Price: $149.95

This Lean Manufacturing course is for the new or aspiring manager, the ambitious engineer, high flying consultant, the hands-on planners and the practical business analysts.

Price: $149.95

This course provides you with practical tools and techniques to plan and structure your KPI strategy so you can make informed...

Price: $149.95

This course provides you with a wide range of specific KPIs, practical tools and techniques to plan and structure your supply chain KPIs

Price: $149.95

This course is for dedicated operations manager, the ambitious procurement professionals, the striving logistics supervisors, hands-on production planners.

Price: $149.95

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Hi, I’m Laurence Gartside and through my company, Rowtons Training, I offer Video Training Courses in Operational Management, Logistics Management Training courses, Business Operational Management Courses, and Industrial Management Courses. Did that sound weird? I was hoping the SEO would like it – forgive me. We all play the game😉

If you are ready to level-up the business operations fundamentals of you and your team, you’re in the right place. You can also visit my YouTube channel lots more great educational (and occasionally, almost entertaining) videos!

List of Training Courses offered:

Get serious with your business operations education

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Get Certified With Rowtons Training - Get Serious With Your Business Operations Education

Frequently Asked Questions

We have arranged some questions that people mostly asked to get quick answer.

The courses are based on a set of recorded video training modules. There are also some supporting PDFs for certain modules and a practice quiz to test your knowledge.

Yes, several video lessons on each course are free to view prior to purchase. Click to the course that interests you, scroll down to the list of individual video lessons and select one with the little red badge saying “Sample Lesson”.

As it happens, I do. Subscribe to my YouTube channel “Laurence Gartside”, follow me on LinkedIn or read one of my many free educational articles on this site.

The courses are yours to watch as many times as you want, whenever you want.

Rest assured; my motives are almost purely profit maximising. Many more people are able to take a punt with a “some guy on the internet” when the courses are so reasonable. I also hope businesses and individuals who are interested in taking things further will contact me regarding my live training and consulting which is rather more expensive. And, in the case that I subsequently have changed my mind and drastically increased the prices of my courses (and forgotten to change this FAQ), then you have even less reason to be suspicious.

Yes. I’m very confident you will love my courses and find them full of great content to push your career and business onwards. However, if you watched less than 50% of it and feel it isn’t what you were expecting or hoping for, please contact me by email and I will happily refund you the full price without further question.

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Sorry no, the courses are only in English.

I offer additional consulting services and live training session online for individuals or groups. See the page on “Other Services”

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